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A   The key physical layer parameters for low chip rate TDD option   PDF-p. 138      Up
B   Test Cases   PDF-p. 140
B.a   Purpose of Annex
B.b   Requirement classification for statistical testing
B.1   Idle Mode
B.2   UTRAN Connected Mode Mobility   PDF-p. 152
B.3   Dynamic Channel Allocation
B.4   Timing characteristics
B.5   UE Measurements Procedures
B.6   Measurement Performance Requirements   PDF-p. 161      Up
C   Measurement Channels   PDF-p. 164
D   Propagation conditions   PDF-p. 181
E   Environmental conditions   PDF-p. 182
F   Terminal capabilities (TDD)   PDF-p. 184
G   Methods of measurement   PDF-p. 185
H   Global in-channel Tx test   PDF-p. 187      Up
I   Change History   PDF-p. 189

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