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A   Simulations on Fast Dynamic Channel Allocation   PDF-p. 65
B   Radio Bearer Control - Overview of Procedures: message exchange and parameters used   PDF-p. 68
C   Flow-chart of a Soft Handover algorithm   PDF-p. 74
D   Void
E   Simulation results on DL Variable Rate Packet Transmission   PDF-p. 76
F   Simulation results on Adjustment loop   PDF-p. 78
G   Simulation results for CPCH   PDF-p. 81
H   Examples of RACH/PRACH Configuration   PDF-p. 88
I   Example of PCPCH assignment with VCAM   PDF-p. 90      Up
J   Examples of scheduling functions for HSDPA   PDF-p. 92
K   Change history   PDF-p. 96

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