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8   Physical Layer Structure Alternatives for Enhanced Uplink DCH
8.1   Relationship to existing transport channels
8.2   TTI length vs. HARQ physical channel structure   Word-p. 37
8.3   Multiplexing alternatives in general   Word-p. 38
8.4   Multiplexing alternatives in detail
8.5   E-DCH timing   Word-p. 52
9   Evaluation of Techniques for Enhanced Uplink   Word-p. 53
9.1   Scheduling <NodeB controlled scheduling, AMC>
9.2   Hybrid ARQ   Word-p. 58
9.3   Fast DCH Setup Mechanisms
9.4   Shorter Frame Size for Improved QoS
9.5   Physical layer structures
9.6   Results including multiple techniques
9.7   Compatibility of the enhancements with existing releases   Word-p. 120

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