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6.2   Time-dilated solution for Carrier Aggregation scenarios   Word-p. 119
6.3   Void
6.4   Void
6.5   Void
6.6   Void
6.7   Void
6.8   Scalable Bandwidth UMTS by Filtering   Word-p. 133
6.8A   Scalable bandwidth UMTS by chip zeroing
6.8B   Link level simulation for filtered scalable UMTS   Word-p. 154
6.8C   Link simulation results of scalable bandwidth UMTS with chip zeroing
6.8D   Uplink signal characteristics
6.9   Less relevant simulation results
6.10   Less relevant simulation results   Word-p. 197
7   Conclusions   Word-p. 201
A   Change history   Word-p. 206

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