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...   Maximum Number Of UL DPDCHs   Maximum Target Received Total Wide Band Power [R6]   Target Non-serving E-DCH to Total E-DCH Power Ratio [R6]   PDF-p. 712   Maximum PDSCH Power [R5]   CQI Feedback Cycle k [R5]   Measurement Power Offset [R5]   MICH Mode [R6]   Minimum UL Channelisation Code Length   Min UL Channelisation Code Length For E-DCH FDD [R6]   PDF-p. 713   Multiplexing Position      Up   NACK Power Offset [R5]   N_EOT   NF_max   N_Start_Message   Number Of Reported Cell Portions [R5]   Pattern Duration (PD)   PCP Length   PDSCH Code Mapping   PICH Mode   PDF-p. 714   Power Adjustment Type      Up   Power Control Mode   Power Offset   Power_Raise_Limit   Power Resume Mode   Preamble Signatures   PDF-p. 715   Preamble Threshold   Primary CPICH Power   Primary CPICH Usage For Channel Estimation [R5]   Primary Scrambling Code   Propagation Delay   PDF-p. 716      Up   Extended Propagation Delay [R7]   QE-Selector   Qth Parameter [R5]   RACH Slot Format   RACH Sub Channel Numbers   PDF-p. 717   RL Set ID   RL Specific E-DCH Information [R6]   Received Total Wide Band Power   Reference Received Total Wide Band Power [R6]   PDF-p. 718   Reference Received Total Wide Band Power Reporting [R7]      Up   Reference Received Total Wide Band Power Support Indicator [R7]   S-Field Length   Scheduling Information [R6]   Scrambling Code Change   Scrambling Code Number   PDF-p. 719   Secondary CCPCH Slot Format   Secondary CPICH Information Change [R5]   SSDT Cell Identity   SSDT Cell Identity For EDSCHPC [R4]   SSDT Cell ID Length      Up   SSDT Support Indicator   SSDT Indication   STTD Indicator   PDF-p. 720   Synchronisation Indicator [R6]   Serving E-DCH RL [R6]   T Cell   TFCI2 Bearer Information Response   TFCI Signalling Mode   TGD   PDF-p. 721   TGL      Up   Transmit Diversity Indicator   Transmission Gap Pattern Sequence Information   Transmission Gap Pattern Sequence Code Information   PDF-p. 723   UL/DL compressed mode selection   UL delta SIR   PDF-p. 724   UL delta SIR after   UL DPCCH Slot Format   UL SIR   UL Scrambling Code   UL Capacity Credit      Up   UL DPDCH Indicator For E-DCH Operation [R6]   Fast Reconfiguration Mode [R7]   Fast Reconfiguration Permission [R7]   PDF-p. 725   Continuous Packet Connectivity DTX-DRX Capability [R7]   Continuous Packet Connectivity HS-SCCH less Capability [R7]   Continuous Packet Connectivity DTX-DRX Information [R7]   Continuous Packet Connectivity DTX-DRX Information To Modify [R7]   PDF-p. 727   Continuous Packet Connectivity HS-SCCH less Information [R7]   PDF-p. 729   Continuous Packet Connectivity HS-SCCH less Information Response [R7]   Continuous Packet Connectivity HS-SCCH less Deactivate Indicator [R7]   PDF-p. 730      Up   MIMO Capability [R7]   MIMO Activation Indicator [R7]   MIMO Mode Indicator [R7]   MIMO Pilot Configuration [R7]   SixtyfourQAM DL Capability [R7]   Sixtyfour QAM Usage Allowed Indicator [R7]   SixtyfourQAM DL Usage Indicator [R7]   PDF-p. 731   HS-DSCH Common System Information [R7]   HS-DSCH Paging System Information [R7]   PDF-p. 733   HS-DSCH Common System Information Response [R7]      Up   HS-DSCH Paging System Information Response [R7]   PDF-p. 734   Common MAC Flow ID [R7]   Paging MAC Flow ID [R7]   HSDPA Associated PICH Information [R7]   PDF-p. 735   FACH Measurement Occasion Cycle Length Coefficient [R7]   Priority Queue Information for Enhanced FACH/PCH [R7]   RACH Measurement Result [R7]   BCCH Specific HS-DSCH RNTI Information [R7]   Enhanced FACH Capability [R7]   Enhanced PCH Capability [R7]      Up   SixteenQAM UL Capability [R7]   PDF-p. 736   SixteenQAM UL Operation Indicator [R7]   E-TFCI Boost Information [R7]   SixtyfourQAM UL Operation Indicator [R11]   SixteenQAM UL Information [R7]   SixteenQAM UL Information To Modify [R7]   Modulation Power Offset [R7]   Extended Secondary CCPCH Slot Format [R7]   PDF-p. 737   F-DPCH Slot Format [R7]   F-DPCH Slot Format Capability [R7]      Up   Max UE DTX Cycle [R7]   MIMO N/M Ratio [R7]   PDF-p. 738   Common MAC Flows To Delete [R7]   Paging MAC Flows To Delete [R7]   MAC-ehs Reset Timer [R7]

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