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A   USIM parameters [R3]   Word-p. 2241
B   Description of RRC state transitions including GSM and E-UTRA [R3]   Word-p. 2243
B.1   RRC states and state transitions
B.2   Transition from Idle Mode to UTRA RRC Connected Mode
B.3   UTRA RRC Connected Mode States and Transitions
B.3.1   CELL_DCH state
B.3.2   CELL_FACH state
B.3.3   CELL_PCH state
B.3.4   URA_PCH State
B.3.5   States and Transitions for Cell Reselection in URA_PCH, CELL_PCH, and CELL_FACH   Word-p. 2250
B.4   Inter-RAT handover with CS domain services      Up
B.5   Inter-RAT handover with PS domain services   Word-p. 2251
B.6   Inter-RAT handover with simultaneous PS and CS domain services
C   Description for the Compressed Coding of Pre-defined configurations included in the INTER RAT HANDOVER INFO message [R5]   Word-p. 2252
D  (Normative)   Implementation of Domain Specific Access Control (DSAC) in UEs of 3GPP Release 5 [R6]   Word-p. 2255
E  (Normative)   EUTRA Feature group indicators [R8]
F  (Normative)   Support of Multiple Frequency Band Indicators (Multiple FBI) in UE [R10]   Word-p. 2256      Up
G   Signalling of Multiple Frequency Band Indicators (Multiple FBI) [R10]   Word-p. 2257
H   Change history   Word-p. 2262

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