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10.3.8   Other Information elements   BCCH modification info   BSIC   CBS DRX Level 1 information      Up   Cell Value tag   Word-p. 1349   Cell Value tag 2 [R12]   Ellipsoid point   Ellipsoid point with Altitude   Ellipsoid point with Altitude and uncertainty ellipsoid   Word-p. 1350   Ellipsoid point with uncertainty Circle   Word-p. 1351   Ellipsoid point with uncertainty Ellipse   ETWS information [R8]   Word-p. 1352   Void   GERAN system information [R5]   GSM Target Cell Info [R6]   Word-p. 1353      Up   Horizontal Velocity [R7]   Horizontal with Vertical Velocity [R7]   Horizontal Velocity with Uncertainty [R7]   Word-p. 1354   Horizontal with Vertical Velocity and Uncertainty [R7]   E-UTRA Target Info [R8]   Word-p. 1355   HNB Name [R8]   Word-p. 1356   Inter-RAT change failure   Inter-RAT handover failure   Inter-RAT UE radio access capability   Word-p. 1357   Void   Inter-RAT UE security capability   Word-p. 1358      Up   MIB Value tag   Word-p. 1359   PLMN Value tag   PNBSCH allocation [R4]   Predefined configuration identity and value tag   Protocol error information   References to other system information blocks   Word-p. 1361   References to other system information blocks 2 [R12]   Word-p. 1362   References to other system information blocks and scheduling blocks   Word-p. 1363   SB3 information [R12]   Word-p. 1364   Rplmn information      Up   Scheduling information   Word-p. 1365   SEG COUNT   Word-p. 1366   Segment index   SIB and SB type   Word-p. 1367   SIB type extension [R6]   SIB type extension2 [R8]   Word-p. 1368   SIB type extension3 [R12]   GANSS SIB type [R8]   SIB data fixed   Word-p. 1369   SIB data fixed 2 [R12]      Up   SIB data variable   SIB data variable 2 [R12]   SIB occurrence identity   SIB occurrence identity and value tag   Word-p. 1370   SIB occurrence value tag   SIB type   SIB type SIBs only   Word-p. 1371   SIB and SB type 2 [R12]   Word-p. 1372   SIB type SIBs only 2 [R12]   Word-p. 1373   UE History Information [R8]   Word-p. 1375      Up   Data volume history [R8]   Word-p. 1376
10.3.9   ANSI-41 Information elements   Word-p. 1379
10.3.9a   MBMS Information elements [R6]   Word-p. 1382
10.3.9b   WLAN Information elements [R12]   Word-p. 1393      Up
10.3.10   Multiplicity values and type constraint values
10.3.11   Void

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