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10.3.7  Measurement Information elementsUp  Additional measurements list  Cell info  Cell measured resultsWord-p. 1153  Cell measurement event resultsWord-p. 1154  Cell reporting quantitiesWord-p. 1155  Cell synchronisation information  E-UTRA event results [R8]Word-p. 1156  E-UTRA frequency list [R8]Word-p. 1157  E-UTRA measured results [R8]Word-p. 1160  Event resultsWord-p. 1161Up  FACH measurement occasion infoWord-p. 1162  Filter coefficient  GSM cell group [R8]  HCS Cell re-selection informationWord-p. 1163  HCS neighbouring cell informationWord-p. 1164  HCS Serving cell information  Idle Interval Information [R8]  Inter-frequency cell info list  Inter-frequency event identityWord-p. 1168  Inter-frequency measured results listUp  Inter-frequency measurement  Inter-frequency measurement event resultsWord-p. 1170  Inter-frequency measurement quantity  Inter-frequency measurement reporting criteriaWord-p. 1171  Inter-frequency measurement system informationWord-p. 1174  Inter-frequency RACH reporting information [R6]  Inter-frequency reporting quantityWord-p. 1175  Inter-frequency SET UPDATE  Inter-RAT cell info list  Inter-RAT event identityWord-p. 1177Up  Inter-RAT info  Inter-RAT measured results listWord-p. 1178  Inter-RAT measurementWord-p. 1179  Inter-RAT measurement event results  Inter-RAT measurement quantityWord-p. 1180  Inter-RAT measurement reporting criteriaWord-p. 1181  Inter-RAT measurement system informationWord-p. 1182  Inter-RAT reporting quantityWord-p. 1183  Intra-frequency cell info list  Intra-frequency event identityWord-p. 1185Up  Intra-frequency measurement  Intra-frequency measurement event resultsWord-p. 1186  Intra-frequency measurement quantity  Intra-frequency measurement reporting criteriaWord-p. 1187  Intra-frequency measurement system informationWord-p. 1191  Intra-frequency reporting quantity  Intra-frequency reporting quantity for RACH reportingWord-p. 1192  Logged ANR Configuration Info [R10]  Logged ANR Report Info [R10]Word-p. 1194  Maximum number of reported cells on RACHWord-p. 1195Up  MBMS preferred frequency information [R6]Word-p. 1196  MBSFN inter frequency neighbour list [R7]  Measured results  Measured results on RACHWord-p. 1197  Measured results on RACH FDD [R11]Word-p. 1201  Measurement CommandWord-p. 1204  Measurement release enhancement [R12]Word-p. 1205  Release some measurements [R12]  Measurement control system information  Measurement control system information extension [R6]Word-p. 1207Up  Inter-frequency cell info list extension [R12]Word-p. 1210  Measurement IdentityWord-p. 1211  Measurement reporting modeWord-p. 1212  Measurement Type  Measurement validity  Periodical reporting criteriaWord-p. 1213  Periodical reporting info-1b [R5]  PLMN identities of neighbour cells  PLMN identities of neighbour cells for SIB 11ter [R12]Word-p. 1214  Primary CCPCH RSCP infoWord-p. 1215Up  Qhcs  Quality measured results listWord-p. 1217  Quality measurement  Quality measurement event resultsWord-p. 1218  Quality measurement reporting criteria  Quality reporting quantity  Reference time difference to cellWord-p. 1219  Reporting Cell Status  Reporting information for state CELL_DCHWord-p. 1222  SFN-SFN observed time differenceUp  Time to trigger  Timeslot ISCP info  Traffic volume event identityWord-p. 1223  Traffic volume measured results list  Traffic volume measurementWord-p. 1224  Traffic volume measurement event results  Traffic volume measurement objectWord-p. 1225  Traffic volume measurement quantity  Traffic volume measurement reporting criteriaWord-p. 1226  Traffic volume measurement system informationWord-p. 1227Up  Traffic volume reporting quantity  UE internal event identityWord-p. 1228  UE internal measured results  UE internal measurementWord-p. 1229  UE internal measurement event results  UE internal measurement quantityWord-p. 1230  UE internal measurement reporting criteria  UE Internal reporting quantityWord-p. 1232  UE Rx-Tx time difference type 1  UE Rx-Tx time difference type 2Up  UE Transmitted Power infoWord-p. 1233  UE positioning Ciphering info  UE positioning ErrorWord-p. 1234  UE positioning GPS acquisition assistanceWord-p. 1235  UE positioning GPS Additional Assistance Data RequestWord-p. 1237  UE positioning GANSS reference measurement information [R7]Word-p. 1239  UE positioning GANSS additional assistance data request [R7]Word-p. 1243  DGANSS Signal Id [R7]Word-p. 1247  UE positioning GPS almanacWord-p. 1249  UE positioning GANSS almanac [R7]Word-p. 1250Up  UE positioning GPS assistance dataWord-p. 1253  UE positioning GANSS assistance data [R7]Word-p. 1254  UE positioning GPS DGPS correctionsWord-p. 1257  UE positioning GPS Ephemeris and Clock Correction parametersWord-p. 1258  UE positioning DGANSS corrections [R7]Word-p. 1259  UE positioning GANSS orbit model [R7]Word-p. 1261  UE positioning GANSS clock model [R7]Word-p. 1263  UE positioning GANSS additional orbit models [R8]  UE positioning GANSS additional clock models [R8]Word-p. 1268  UE positioning GPS ionospheric modelWord-p. 1269Up  UE positioning GANSS ionospheric model [R7]Word-p. 1270  UE positioning GANSS additional ionospheric model [R8]  UE positioning GANSS Earth orientation parameters [R8]Word-p. 1271  UE positioning BDS Ionospheric Grid Model [R12]  UE positioning DBDS corrections [R12]  UE positioning GPS measured resultsWord-p. 1272  UE positioning GANSS measured results [R7]Word-p. 1273  UE positioning GPS navigation modelWord-p. 1276  UE positioning GANSS navigation model [R7]Word-p. 1277  UE positioning GANSS additional navigation models [R8]Up  UE positioning GPS real-time integrityWord-p. 1279  UE positioning GANSS real-time integrity [R7]  UE positioning GPS reference time  UE positioning GANSS reference time [R7]Word-p. 1281  UE positioning GPS reference time uncertainty [R7]Word-p. 1282  UE positioning GPS UTC model  UE positioning GANSS time model [R7]Word-p. 1283  UE positioning GANSS data bit assistance [R7]  UE positioning GANSS UTC model [R7]Word-p. 1285  UE positioning GANSS additional UTC models [R8]Up  UE positioning GANSS SBAS ID [R8]Word-p. 1287  UE positioning GANSS auxiliary information [R8]  UE positioning IPDL parametersWord-p. 1289  UE positioning measured resultsWord-p. 1290  UE positioning measurement  UE positioning measurement event resultsWord-p. 1291  UE positioning OTDOA assistance data for UE-assistedWord-p. 1292  UE positioning OTDOA assistance data for UE-based  UE positioning OTDOA measured results  UE positioning OTDOA neighbour cell infoWord-p. 1293Up  UE positioning OTDOA neighbour cell info for UE-basedWord-p. 1295  UE positioning OTDOA qualityWord-p. 1296  UE positioning OTDOA reference cell infoWord-p. 1297  UE positioning OTDOA reference cell info for UE-basedWord-p. 1298  UE positioning position estimate info  UE positioning Relative Time Difference qualityWord-p. 1301  UE positioning reporting criteria  UE positioning reporting quantityWord-p. 1302  TADV info [R4]Word-p. 1305  UTRA priority info list [R8]Word-p. 1306Up  GSM priority info list [R8]Word-p. 1308  E-UTRA frequency and priority info list [R8]  Intra-frequency cell info list on secondary UL frequency [R9]Word-p. 1313  Cell measurement event results on secondary UL frequency [R9]Word-p. 1314  Measured results on secondary UL frequency [R9]Word-p. 1315  Intra-frequency measurement reporting criteria on secondary UL frequency [R9]  CSG Inter-frequency cell info [R9]Word-p. 1317  CSG Intra-frequency cell info [R9]Word-p. 1318  CSG cell info [R9]  CSG Proximity Indication [R9]Up  CSG Proximity detection [R9]Word-p. 1319  Inter-frequency SI Acquisition [R9]  Intra-frequency SI Acquisition [R9]Word-p. 1320  CELL_DCH measurement occasion info LCR [R9]  E-UTRA SI Acquisition [R9]Word-p. 1322  E-UTRA Results for SI Acquisition [R9]  Logged Measurement Info-FDD [R10]Word-p. 1323  Logged Connection Establishment Failure Info-FDD [R11]Word-p. 1327  Logged Measurement Info-TDD [R10]Word-p. 1331  Logged Connection Establishment Failure Info-TDD [R11]Word-p. 1334Up  Logged Meas Report [R10]Word-p. 1338  Logged Measurements Configuration Info [R10]  Connection Establishment Failure Report [R11]Word-p. 1339  Trace Reference [R10]Word-p. 1340  Trace Recording Session [R10]  TCE Id [R10]  Periodical reporting criteria on secondary UL frequency [R10]Word-p. 1341  E-UTRA measurement for CELL_FACH [R11]  E-UTRA results for CELL_FACH [R11]Word-p. 1342  E-UTRA frequency RACH reporting information [R11]Up  Filtered UE power headroom reporting information [R12]Word-p. 1344  UE positioning AddPos measured results [R13]Word-p. 1345  UE power headroom [R14]Word-p. 1347  Application layer measurement configuration [R14]Word-p. 1348  Application layer measurement reporting [R14]

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