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10.3.4  Radio Bearer Information elements
10.3.4.oa  Common RB mapping info [R7]  Default configuration identity  Default configuration for CELL_FACH [R8]Word-p. 925  Downlink RLC STATUS info  PDCP context relocation info [R5]Word-p. 926Up  PDCP info  PDCP ROHC target mode [R5]Word-p. 928  PDCP SN infoWord-p. 929  Polling info  Predefined configuration identity  Predefined configuration status information  Predefined configuration status information compressed [R5]Word-p. 930  Predefined configuration value tagWord-p. 931  Predefined RB configurationWord-p. 932  RAB infoUp  RAB info PostWord-p. 933  RAB information for MBMS ptp bearers [R7]  RAB information for setupWord-p. 934  RAB information to reconfigureWord-p. 935  RAB info to replace [R8]  NAS Synchronization indicator  RB activation time infoWord-p. 936  RB COUNT-C MSB information  RB COUNT-C information  RB identityUp  RB information to be affectedWord-p. 937  RB information to reconfigure  RB information to release  RB information to setup  RB mapping infoWord-p. 938  RB with PDCP informationWord-p. 941  RLC infoWord-p. 942  RLC info MBMS [R6]Word-p. 943  Signalling RB information to setupWord-p. 944  SR-VCC Info [R8]Up  Transmission RLC Discard  UM Duplication Avoidance and Reordering info [R6]Word-p. 946  UM Out of sequence delivery info [R6]
10.3.5  Transport CH Information elements  Added or Reconfigured DL TrCH information  Added or reconfigured MAC-d flow [R5]Word-p. 947  Added or reconfigured E-DCH MAC-d flow [R6]Word-p. 948  Added or reconfigured MAC-ehs reordering queue [R7]Word-p. 950  Added or Reconfigured UL TrCH informationWord-p. 952  Additional Dynamic Transport Format Information for CCCH [R6]Up  Additional RACH TFCS for CCCH [R6]Word-p. 953  Common MAC-ehs reordering queue list [R7]  Common E-DCH MAC-d flows [R8]Word-p. 954  Deleted DL TrCH informationWord-p. 955  Deleted UL TrCH information  DL Transport channel information common for all transport channelsWord-p. 956  HARQ Info [R5]Word-p. 957  MAC-d Flow Identity [R5]Word-p. 959  HARQ Info for E-DCH [R6]  E-DCH MAC-d Flow Identity [R6]Word-p. 960Up  MAC-ehs Queue Id [R7]  Power Offset Information  Predefined TrCH configurationWord-p. 962  Quality Target  Semi-static Transport Format Information  TFCS Explicit ConfigurationWord-p. 963  TFCS Reconfiguration/Addition InformationWord-p. 964  TFCS Removal InformationWord-p. 966  Transport channel identity  Transport Format Combination (TFC)Up  Transport Format Combination Set  Transport Format Combination Set Identity  Transport Format Combination SubsetWord-p. 967  Transport Format Set  UL Transport channel information common for all transport channelsWord-p. 969  Concurrent Deployment of 2ms and 10ms TTI [R11]Word-p. 970  Common E-DCH MAC-d flow info for Concurrent TTI [R11]Word-p. 971  Power Offset Information 10ms Mode [R12]Word-p. 972

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