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10.3   Information element functional definitions
10.3.1   CN Information elements
10.3.2   UTRAN mobility Information elements
10.3.3   UE Information elements   Activation time   Capability Update Requirement   Word-p. 845   Cell update cause   Ciphering Algorithm   Word-p. 846   Ciphering mode info      Up   CN domain specific DRX cycle length coefficient   Word-p. 847   Void   Common E-RNTI info [R8]   C-RNTI   CSG proximity indication capability [R9]   Word-p. 848   Void   DSCH-RNTI   Void   E-RNTI [R6]   Establishment cause   Word-p. 849   Expiration Time Factor   Word-p. 850   Extended Wait Time [R10]   Expiration Time Factor 2 [R12]      Up   Failure cause   Failure cause and error information   Word-p. 851   Group release information [R5]   Word-p. 852   H-RNTI [R5]   IMS Voice capability [R9]   Initial UE identity   Integrity check info   Word-p. 853   Integrity protection activation info   Word-p. 854   Integrity protection Algorithm   Integrity protection mode info      Up   Void   Void   Measurement capability   Word-p. 855   Measurement capability extension   Word-p. 860   Measurement capability TDD [R8]   Word-p. 864   Multiflow capability [R11]   Word-p. 865   Multiflow per band capability [R11]   Word-p. 866   Neighbour Cell SI acquisition capability [R9]   Word-p. 868   Paging cause   Paging record   PDCP capability   Word-p. 869   Physical channel capability   Word-p. 870      Up   Pre-redirection info [R8]   Word-p. 880   Protocol error cause   Protocol error indicator   Word-p. 881   RB timer indicator   Redirection info   Re-establishment timer   Word-p. 882   Rejection cause   Release cause   RF Capability Compressed [R5]   Word-p. 883   RF capability FDD      Up   RF capability FDD extension   Word-p. 884   RF capability TDD   Word-p. 885   RF capability TDD 1.28 Mcps [R4]   RLC capability   Word-p. 886   RLC re-establish indicator   RRC State Indicator   RRC connection release information [R5]   Word-p. 887   RRC transaction identifier   rSR-VCC Info [R11]   Security capability   Word-p. 888      Up   Signalling Connection Release Indication Cause [R8]   START   Void   Transport channel capability   Word-p. 889   UE multi-mode/multi-RAT capability   Word-p. 891   UE radio access capability   Word-p. 892   UE radio access capability compressed [R5]   Word-p. 905   UE radio access capability comp 2 [R6]   Word-p. 906   UE radio access capability comp for 1.28 Mcps TDD [R8]   Word-p. 910   UE radio access capability extension   Word-p. 911   UE security information   Word-p. 915      Up   UE security information2 [R6]   UE Timers and Constants in connected mode   UE Timers and Constants in idle mode   Word-p. 917   UE positioning capability   Word-p. 918   GANSS Signal Id [R7]   Word-p. 920   URA update cause   Word-p. 921   U-RNTI   U-RNTI group [R5]   Word-p. 922   U-RNTI Short   Word-p. 923   UTRAN DRX cycle length coefficient      Up   Wait time   UE Specific Behaviour Information 1 idle   Word-p. 924   UE Specific Behaviour Information 1 interRAT   UE based network performance measurements parameters [R10]

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