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8.6.7   Measurement information elements   Measurement validity   Word-p. 560   Filter coefficient      Up   Intra-frequency/Inter-frequency/Inter-RAT cell info list   Word-p. 562   UTRA priority info list [R8]   Word-p. 571   GSM priority info list [R8]   Word-p. 573   E-UTRA frequency and priority info list [R8]   E-UTRA frequency list [R8]   Word-p. 582   Intra-frequency measurement quantity   Word-p. 583   Inter-RAT measurement quantity   Inter-RAT reporting quantity   Word-p. 584   Cell Reporting Quantities   Word-p. 585   Periodical Reporting Criteria   Word-p. 586      Up   Reporting Cell Status   Word-p. 587   Traffic Volume Measurement   Word-p. 588   Traffic Volume Measurement Reporting Criteria   FACH measurement occasion info   Word-p. 589   Measurement Reporting Mode   Word-p. 590   Inter-frequency measurement   Word-p. 591   Inter-RAT measurement   Word-p. 592   Intra-frequency measurement   Quality measurement   Word-p. 593   UE internal measurement   Word-p. 594      Up   Void   UE positioning   UE positioning reporting criteria   UE positioning reporting quantity   UE positioning reporting for UE assisted methods   Word-p. 596   UE positioning reporting for UE based methods   Word-p. 599   UE positioning OTDOA assistance data for UE-assisted   Word-p. 602   UE positioning OTDOA assistance data for UE-based   UE positioning GPS assistance data   Word-p. 604   UE positioning Ciphering info   UE positioning Error   Word-p. 609      Up   Void   UE positioning GANSS assistance data [R7]   Word-p. 610   Void   Intra-frequency reporting quantity for RACH reporting   Word-p. 617   Additional Measurement List   Dedicated Priority Information [R8]   Word-p. 618   Adjacent frequency index [R8]   Word-p. 619   Inter-band frequency index [R9]   Idle Interval Information (TDD only) [R8]   CELL_DCH measurement occasion info LCR [R9]   Word-p. 620      Up   Frequency index list for enhanced measurement [R10]   E-UTRA measurement for CELL_FACH [R11]   Word-p. 621   Dedicated WLAN Offload Information [R12]   Word-p. 622   T330 expiry [R12]   Filtered UE power headroom reporting information [R12]   Filtered UE power headroom reporting information on secondary UL frequency [R14]
8.6.8   Void
8.6.8a   Other Information elements [R8]   Word-p. 623
8.6.9   MBMS specific information elements [R6]
8.7   MBMS specific procedures [R6]   Word-p. 630
8.7.1   Reception of MBMS control information
8.7.2   MCCH acquisition
8.7.3   MBMS Notification
8.7.4   MBMS counting
8.7.5   MBMS p-t-m radio bearer configuration
8.7.6   MBMS modification request
8.7.7   MBMS service scheduling

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