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11  Specific functions [R3]PDF-p. 110
11.1  Traffic volume measurement for dynamic radio bearer control
11.2  Control of RACH transmissions and Enhanced Uplink in CELL_FACH state and Idle mode transmissions
11.4  Transport format combination selection in UE (non E-DCH)PDF-p. 126
11.5  CipheringPDF-p. 128Up
11.6  Control of HS-DSCH transmission and reception [R5]
11.7  HS-DSCH Provided Bit Rate measurement [R5]PDF-p. 149
11.8  Control of E-DCH transmission and reception (FDD) [R6]
11.8.1  UE operation  HARQ Operation  Multiplexing and TSN setting entityPDF-p. 152  Segmentation entity [R8]  Serving Grant UpdatePDF-p. 153  UL MIMO rank and offset update [R11]  E-TFC Selection  E-TFC Selection for uplink MIMO [R11]PDF-p. 165  Happy Bit SettingPDF-p. 166  Scheduling Information reportingPDF-p. 167  Control Information reporting [R12]PDF-p. 170  MAC-es/e Reset  Monitoring of Absolute and Relative Grant Channels [R7]PDF-p. 171  Release of common E-DCH resources (FDD only) [R8]
11.8.2  Node B operationPDF-p. 172
11.8.3  RNC operation
11.9  Control of E-DCH transmission and reception (TDD) [R7]PDF-p. 174
11.10  Filtered UE power headroom (FDD) [R12]

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