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5A  Physical channels for the 1.28 Mcps option [R4]PDF-p. 57
5A.1  Frame structurePDF-p. 58
5A.2  Dedicated physical channel (DPCH)PDF-p. 59
5A.3  Common physical channels
5A.3.1  Primary common control physical channel (P-CCPCH)
5A.3.2  Secondary common control physical channel (S-CCPCH)
5A.3.3  Fast Physical Access CHannel (FPACH)
5A.3.4  The physical random access channel (PRACH)PDF-p. 79
5A.3.5  The synchronisation channels (DwPCH, UpPCH)
5A.3.6  Physical Uplink Shared Channel (PUSCH)PDF-p. 80Up
5A.3.7  Physical Downlink Shared Channel (PDSCH)
5A.3.8  The Page Indicator Channel (PICH)
5A.3.9  High Speed Physical Downlink Shared Channel (HS-PDSCH) [R5]
5A.3.10  Shared Control Channel for HS-DSCH (HS-SCCH) [R5]
5A.3.11  Shared Information Channel for HS-DSCH (HS-SICH) [R5]
5A.3.12  The MBMS Indicator Channel (MICH) type1 [R6]
5A.3.12a  The MBMS Indicator Channel (MICH) type 2 [R7]
5A.3.13  Physical Layer Common Control Channel (PLCCH) [R7]PDF-p. 85
5A.3.14  E-DCH Physical Uplink Channel [R7]
5A.3.15  E-DCH Random Access Uplink Control Channel (E-RUCCH) [R7]PDF-p. 94
5A.3.16  E-DCH Absolute Grant Channel (E-AGCH) [R7]
5A.3.17  E-DCH Hybrid ARQ Acknowledgement Indicator Channel (E-HICH) [R7]
5A.3.18  Standalone midamble channel [R8]
5A.4  Transmit Diversity for DL Physical ChannelsPDF-p. 98
5A.5  Beacon characteristics of physical channels
5A.6  Midamble Allocation for Physical ChannelsPDF-p. 99
5A.7  Midamble Transmit Power
5A.7a  Preamble Allocation and Preamble Transmit Power [R7]Up

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