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6   Random access procedure [R3]
6A   HS-DSCH-related procedures [R5]   PDF-p. 56
6A.1   General procedure
6A.2   Channel quality indicator (CQI) definition
6A.3   Operation during compressed mode on the associated DPCH or F-DPCH   PDF-p. 87
6A.4   Precoding control indication (PCI) definition [R7]
6B   E-DCH related procedures [R6]   PDF-p. 89      Up
6C   Discontinuous transmission and reception procedures [R7]
7   Closed loop mode 1 transmit diversity [R3]   PDF-p. 102
8   Idle periods for IPDL location method [R3]
9   MIMO operation of HS-DSCH [R7]   PDF-p. 110

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