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A.9   Measurement Performance Requirements
A.9.1   Measurement Performance for UE (3.84 Mcps TDD option)
A.9.1.1   P-CCPCH RSCP
A.9.1.2   CPICH measurements
A.9.1.3   Timeslot ISCP
A.9.1.4   UTRA Carrier RSSI
A.9.1.5   GSM carrier RSSI
A.9.1.6   SIR      Up
A.9.1.7   Transport channel BLER
A.9.1.8   SFN-SFN observed time difference
A.9.1.9   Observed time difference to GSM cell
A.9.1.10   SFN-CFN observed time difference
A.9.1.11   UE transmitted power
A.9.2   Measurement Performance for UE for 1.28 Mcps TDD [R4]   PDF-p. 407      Up
A.9.2.1   P-CCPCH RSCP
A.9.2.2   CPICH measurements      Up
A.9.2.3   Timeslot ISCP
A.9.2.4   UTRA carrier RSSI   PDF-p. 419      Up
A.9.2.5   GSM carrier RSSI   PDF-p. 421
A.9.2.6   SIR
A.9.2.7   Transport channel BLER   PDF-p. 422
A.9.2.8   SFN-SFN observed time difference      Up
A.9.2.9   Observed time difference to GSM cell   PDF-p. 428
A.9.2.10   SFN-CFN observed time difference
A.9.2.11   UE transmitted power   PDF-p. 431
A.9.3   Measurement Performance for UE (7.68 Mcps TDD option) [R7]
A.9.3.1   P-CCPCH RSCP
A.9.3.2   CPICH measurements
A.9.3.3   Timeslot ISCP
A.9.3.4   UTRA Carrier RSSI
A.9.3.5   GSM carrier RSSI
A.9.3.6   Void
A.9.3.7   Void
A.9.3.8   SFN-SFN observed time difference
A.9.3.9   Observed time difference to GSM cell
A.9.3.10   SFN-CFN observed time difference
A.9.3.11   UE transmitted power
A.9.2.5a   E-UTRA RSRP [R9]   PDF-p. 442
A.9.2.5b   E-UTRA RSRQ [R9]
B  (Normative)   Conditions for RRM requirements applicability for operating bands [R10]   PDF-p. 453
C   Change History   PDF-p. 455

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