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9   Measurements performance requirements [R3]      Up
9.1   Measurements performance for UE   PDF-p. 152
9.1.1   Performance for UE measurements in downlink (RX)   P-CCPCH RSCP (TDD)   CPICH measurements (FDD)   PDF-p. 156   Timeslot ISCP      Up   UTRA carrier RSSI   GSM carrier RSSI   E-UTRAN RSRP [R8]   E-UTRAN RSRQ [R8]   PDF-p. 161   SIR   Transport channel BLER   SFN-SFN observed time difference   Observed time difference to GSM cell   PDF-p. 166   UE GPS Timing of Cell Frames for UP   PDF-p. 167      Up   SFN-CFN observed time difference
9.1.2   Performance for UE Measurements in Uplink (TX)   PDF-p. 171

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