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8  UE Measurements Procedures [R3]PDF-p. 92
8.1  General Measurement Requirements in CELL_DCH State (3.84 Mcps option)
8.1.1  Introduction
8.1.2  Requirements  UE Measurement CapabilityUp  TDD intra frequency measurementsPDF-p. 93  TDD inter frequency measurements  FDD measurementsPDF-p. 96  GSM measurements  TDD Synchronisation to new cells  E-UTRAN FDD measurements [R8]PDF-p. 101  E-UTRAN TDD measurements [R8]
8.1A  General Measurements Requirements in CELL_DCH State (1.28 Mcps option) [R4]PDF-p. 104
8.1A.1  Introduction
8.1A.2  Requirements
8.1A.2.1  UE Measurement Capability
8.1A.2.2  TDD intra frequency measurementsUp
8.1A.2.3  TDD inter frequency measurements
8.1A.2.4  FDD measurementsPDF-p. 108
8.1A.2.5  GSM measurements
8.1A.2.6  E-UTRAN FDD measurements [R8]PDF-p. 112
8.1A.2.7  E-UTRAN TDD measurements [R8]
8.1B  General Measurement Requirements in CELL_DCH State (7.68 Mcps option) [R7]
8.1B.1  Introduction
8.1B.2  RequirementsPDF-p. 115
8.1B.2.1  UE Measurement Capability
8.1B.2.2  TDD intra frequency measurementsPDF-p. 116
8.1B.2.3  TDD inter frequency measurements
8.1B.2.4  FDD measurementsUp
8.1B.2.5  GSM measurementsPDF-p. 120
8.1B.2.6  TDD Synchronisation to new cells
8.1B.2.7  E-UTRAN FDD measurements [R8]PDF-p. 124
8.1B.2.8  E-UTRAN TDD measurements [R8]

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