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5   UTRAN Connected Mode Mobility [R3]      Up
5.1   TDD/TDD Handover   PDF-p. 48
5.2   TDD/FDD Handover   PDF-p. 51
5.3   TDD/GSM Handover   PDF-p. 54
5.3a   TDD to E-UTRAN FDD Handover [R8]
5.3b   TDD to E-UTRAN TDD Handover [R8]
5.4   Cell Re-selection in Cell_FACH
5.4.1   Introduction
5.4.2   Requirements for 3.84Mcps TDD option
5.4.3   Requirements for 1.28Mcps TDD option [R4]
5.4.4   Requirements for 7.68Mcps TDD option [R7]   PDF-p. 67
5.5   Cell Re-selection in Cell_PCH   PDF-p. 71
5.6   Cell Re-selection in URA_PCH
5.7   RACH reporting
5.8   Inter-RAT cell change order from UTRAN in CELL_DCH and CELL_FACH      Up
5.9   Serving HS-DSCH cell change [R7]   PDF-p. 77

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