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8   5GS mobility management      Up
8.1   Overview
8.2   5GS mobility functions in IDLE and CONNECTED mode   Word-p. 22
8.3   IP address allocation   Word-p. 24
8.4   5GS mobility management procedures   Word-p. 25
8.4.1   5GMM common procedures   NAS transport procedures   General   Alternative 1 for NAS transport   Alternative 2 for NAS Transport   Generic UE configuration update procedure   Word-p. 32
8.4.2   5GMM specific procedures
8.4.3   5GMM connection management procedures
8.5   5GS mobility management message coding   Word-p. 39
8.6   Timers of 5GS mobility management
9   5GS session management   Word-p. 41
9.1   General
9.2   Overview
9.3   5GSM sublayer states   Word-p. 42
9.4   5GS session management procedures
9.4.1   UE-requested PDU session establishment procedure
9.4.2   PDU session establishment authentication and authorization procedure
9.4.3   UE-requested PDU session modification procedure
9.4.4   Network-requested PDU session modification procedure
9.4.5   UE-requested PDU session release procedure
9.4.6   Network-requested PDU session release procedure
9.5   5GS session management coding
9.6   Timers of 5GS session management
10   Access to the 5G core network via non-3GPP access networks   Word-p. 59

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