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8   5GS mobility management   Word-p. 42
8.1   Overview      Up
8.1.1   General
8.1.2   Domain selection
8.1.3   Types of 5GMM procedures   Word-p. 44
8.1.4   5GMM sublayer states   Word-p. 45   General   5GMM sublayer states      Up   General   5GMM sublayer states in the UE   5GS update status   5GMM sublayer states in the network   Behaviour of the UE in state 5GMM-DEREGISTERED and state 5GMM-REGISTERED
8.1.5   Permanent identifiers
8.1.6   Temporary identities
8.1.7   Mobile initiated connection only mode   Word-p. 54
8.1.8   Handling of the periodic registration update timer and implicit de-registration timer
8.2   5GS mobility functions in IDLE and CONNECTED mode   Word-p. 55      Up
8.3   Establishment of the N1 NAS signalling connection   Word-p. 60
8.4   Release of the N1 NAS signalling connection   Word-p. 61      Up

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