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10   SAE impact on services, network functions and capabilities   Word-p. 73
10.1   Security
10.2   Quality of service and bearer control (E-UTRAN only)
10.3   Session management and bearer control procedures
10.3.1   General
10.3.2   Session management states   Word-p. 77
10.3.3   Session management procedures   Word-p. 79   General      Up   Dedicated bearer context activation procedure   Dedicated bearer context modification procedure   Dedicated bearer context deactivation procedure   UE requested bearer resource allocation procedure   Word-p. 82   UE requested bearer resource release procedure      Up   UE requested PDN connectivity procedure   UE requested PDN disconnection procedure   Word-p. 84      Up
10.3.4   Reject causes for ESM procedures
10.3.5   EPS bearer context information   Word-p. 86
10.4   NAS signalling transport (E-UTRAN only)   Word-p. 88
10.5   MBMS
10.6   SDoUE      Up
10.7   Network sharing   Word-p. 89
10.8   Charging
10.9   Trace
10.10   Impact on the IM CN subsystem
10.11   Service continuity between E-UTRAN and the CS domain   Word-p. 90
10.12   Home cell deployments
10.13   Access Control   Word-p. 97      Up
10.14   Circuit Switched Fallback
11   Decisions on the organization of normative specifications   Word-p. 102
12   Agreed principles for the NAS message layout

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