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5  MCPTT user profile MO [R13]
5.1  GeneralUp
5.2  MCPTT user profile MO parametersPDF-p. 28
5.2.1  General
5.2.2  Node: <x>
5.2.3  /<x> /Name
5.2.4  /<x> /Ext /
5.2.5  /<x> /<x>
5.2.6  /<x> /<x> /CommonPDF-p. 29
5.2.7  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTUserID
5.2.7A  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTUserProfileIndex
5.2.7B  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTUserProfileNameUp
5.2.7C  /<x> /<x> /Common /PreSelectedIndication
5.2.8  /<x> /<x> /Common /UserAliasesPDF-p. 30
5.2.8A  /<x> /<x> /Common /UserAliases /<x> [R14]
5.2.8B  /<x> /<x> /Common /UserAliases /<x> / UserAlias [R14]
5.2.9  /<x> /<x> /Common /AuthorisedAlias
5.2.10  /<x> /<x> /Common /ParticipantTypePDF-p. 31
5.2.11  /<x> /<x> /Common /Organization
5.2.12  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall
5.2.13  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /Authorised
5.2.14  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /AuthorisedAnyUp
5.2.15  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /UserListPDF-p. 32
5.2.16  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /UserList /<x>
5.2.16A  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /UserList /<x> /Entry
5.2.17  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /UserList /<x> /Entry /MCPTTID
5.2.18  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /UserList /<x> /Entry /DiscoveryGroupID
5.2.19  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /UserList /<x> /Entry /UserInfoIDPDF-p. 33
5.2.19A  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /UserList /<x> /Entry /DisplayName
5.2.19B  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /UserList /<x> /Entry /PrivateCallKMSURI [R14]
5.2.20  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /ManualCommence
5.2.21  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /AutoCommenceUp
5.2.22  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /AutoAnswerPDF-p. 34
5.2.23  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /FailRestrict
5.2.24  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /AllowedMediaProtection
5.2.25  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /AllowedFloorControlProtection
5.2.26  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /EmergencyCallPDF-p. 35
5.2.27  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /EmergencyCall /Authorised
5.2.28  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /EmergencyCall /CancelPriority
5.2.29  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /EmergencyCall /MCPTTPrivateRecipient
5.2.29A  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /EmergencyCall /MCPTTPrivateRecipient /EntryPDF-p. 36
5.2.29B  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /EmergencyCall /MCPTTPrivateRecipient /Entry /IDUp
5.2.29C  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /EmergencyCall /MCPTTPrivateRecipient /Entry /DiscoveryGroupID
5.2.29D  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /EmergencyCall /MCPTTPrivateRecipient /Entry /UserInfoID
5.2.29E  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /EmergencyCall /MCPTTPrivateRecipient /Entry /DisplayNamePDF-p. 37
5.2.29F  /<x> /<x> /Common /PrivateCall /EmergencyCall /MCPTTPrivateRecipient /Entry /Usage

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