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6.3   Floor control server procedures   PDF-p. 47
6.3.1   General
6.3.2   Controlling MCPTT function procedures at MCPTT call initialization
6.3.3   MCPTT floor control procedures at MCPTT call release      Up
6.3.4   Floor control server state transition diagram for general floor control operation   PDF-p. 49   General   State: 'Start-stop'   PDF-p. 51   State: 'G: Floor Idle'   State: 'G: Floor Taken'   State: 'G: pending Floor Revoke'   PDF-p. 58   In any state   State: 'Releasing'   State: 'G: Floor Initialising'   PDF-p. 60      Up
6.3.5   Floor control server state transition diagram for basic floor control operation towards the floor participant   PDF-p. 61   General   State: 'Start-stop'   PDF-p. 63   State: 'U: not permitted and Floor Idle'   PDF-p. 67      Up   State 'U: not permitted and Floor Taken'   State: 'U: permitted'   State: 'U: pending Floor Revoke'   State 'U: not permitted but sends media'      Up   In any state   PDF-p. 82   State: 'Releasing'   State: 'U: not permitted and initiating'
6.3.6   Dual floor control   PDF-p. 85      Up

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