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6.3.3  Controlling MCPTT function  Request initiated by the controlling MCPTT function  SDP offer generation  Sending an INVITE request  Receipt of a SIP response to a SIP INVITE requestPDF-p. 97  Sending a SIP BYE request  Sending a SIP re-INVITE request for MCPTT emergency group callPDF-p. 98  Sending a SIP INVITE request for MCPTT emergency group callPDF-p. 99  Sending a SIP UPDATE request for Resource-Priority header field correctionPDF-p. 100  Generating a SIP re-INVITE request  Generating a SIP re-INVITE request to cancel an in-progress emergencyPDF-p. 101  Generating a SIP MESSAGE request for notification of in-progress emergency or imminent peril status change  Populate mcptt-info and location-info MIME bodies for emergency alert  AuthorisationsPDF-p. 102  Generating a SIP 403 response for priority call request rejectionPDF-p. 107  Sending a SIP re-INVITE request for MCPTT imminent peril group call  Handling the expiry of timer TNG2 (in-progress emergency group call timer)PDF-p. 108  Validate priority request parametersUp  Sending a SIP INFO request in the dialog of a SIP request for a priority callPDF-p. 109  Retrieving Resource-Priority header field values  Generating a SIP MESSAGE request to indicate successful receipt of an emergency alert or emergency cancellationPDF-p. 110  Requests terminated by the controlling MCPTT function  Handling of the acknowledged call setup timer (TNG1)  Generating a SIP NOTIFY requestPDF-p. 114  Handling of the group call timer (TNG3)PDF-p. 115
6.3.4  Non-controlling MCPTT function of an MCPTT groupPDF-p. 116
6.3.5  Retrieving and processing a group documentPDF-p. 120
6.3.6  Affiliation check
6.3.7  Error handlingPDF-p. 126
6.3.8  Session release policy

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