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12  General message format and information elements coding [R12]Up
12.1  Overview
12.1A  General [R13]
12.2  ProSe direct discovery message formatsPDF-p. 203
12.2.1  Data types format in XML schema
12.2.2  Parameters in ProSe direct discovery messages  Transaction ID  Command  UE Identity  Prose Application ID  Application IdentityPDF-p. 204Up  ProSe Application Code  Validity Timer T4000  PC3 Control Protocol cause value  DiscoveryKeyPDF-p. 205  Message Type  MICPDF-p. 206  Discovery FilterPDF-p. 207  Monitored PLMN ID  VPLMN ID  UTC-based counterUp  Validity Timer T4004  Metadata Flag  MetadataPDF-p. 208  UTC-based Counter LSB  Current Time  Max Offset  Discovery Type [R13]PDF-p. 209  Match Report Refresh Timer T4006  Requested Timer [R13]  ProSe Function Transaction ID [R13]Up  Update Info [R13]  RPAUID [R13]PDF-p. 210  Announcing Type [R13]  Application Level Container [R13]  Discovery Entry ID [R13]  ProSe Restricted Code [R13]  ProSe Restricted Code Suffix Range [R13]  On Demand Announcing Enabled Indicator [R13]PDF-p. 211  Restricted Discovery Filter [R13]  ACE Enabled Indicator [R13]Up  Validity Timer T4007 [R13]PDF-p. 212  Restricted Code Security Material [R13]  Discovery Model [R13]  ProSe Response Code [R13]  Discovery Query Filter [R13]  Validity Timer T4011 [R13]PDF-p. 213  Subquery Result [R13]  ProSe Restricted Code Prefix [R13]  ProSe Restricted Code Suffix [R13]  ProSe UE ID [R13]Up  ProSe Relay UE ID [R13]  User Info ID [R13]  Relay Service Code [R13]PDF-p. 214  Target User Info [R13]  Target Group Info [R13]  Discovery Group ID [R13]  GMDS Composition [R13]  Spare [R13]  RDAI Composition [R13]PDF-p. 215  ECGI [R13]Up  MBMS related information [R13]PDF-p. 216  Validity Timer T4016 [R13]  Match Report Refresh Timer T4017 [R13]  Metadata Index Mask [R13]  Network-Initiated Transaction Method [R13]PDF-p. 217  Announcing PLMN ID [R13]  Metadata Indicator [R13]  URDS Composition [R13]  Status Indicator [R13]  ProSe Application Code Prefix [R13]PDF-p. 218Up  ProSe Application Code Suffix [R13]  ProSe Application Code ACE [R13]
12.3  EPC-level ProSe discovery message formatsPDF-p. 219
12.4  Formats for messages transmitted over the PC3ch interfacePDF-p. 222
12.5  PC5 Signalling message formats [R13]
13  List of system parameters [R12]PDF-p. 241
A  IANA registrations [R12]PDF-p. 253Up
B  Change historyPDF-p. 257

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