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9   General message format and information elements coding [R8]
9.1   Overview
9.2   Protocol discriminator   PDF-p. 344      Up
9.3   Security header type and EPS bearer identity   PDF-p. 345
9.4   Procedure transaction identity
9.5   Message authentication code
9.6   Sequence number   PDF-p. 346
9.7   NAS message
9.8   Message type
9.9   Other information elements   PDF-p. 347
9.9.1   General      Up
9.9.2   Common information elements   PDF-p. 348
9.9.3   EPS Mobility Management (EMM) information elements   Additional update result   Additional update type   Authentication failure parameter   PDF-p. 352   Authentication parameter AUTN   Authentication parameter RAND   Authentication response parameter      Up   Ciphering key sequence number   PDF-p. 353   SMS services status [R13]   CSFB response   Daylight saving time   PDF-p. 354   Detach type   DRX parameter   PDF-p. 355   EMM cause   EPS attach result   PDF-p. 356   EPS attach type   PDF-p. 357   EPS mobile identity      Up   EPS network feature support   PDF-p. 359   EPS update result   PDF-p. 363   EPS update type   PDF-p. 364   ESM message container   GPRS timer   PDF-p. 365   GPRS timer 2 [R10]   GPRS timer 3 [R10]   Identity type 2   IMEISV request   KSI and sequence number      Up   MS network capability   PDF-p. 366   MS network feature support [R10]   NAS key set identifier   NAS message container   PDF-p. 367   NAS security algorithms   Network name   PDF-p. 368   Network resource identifier container [R11]   Nonce   Paging identity   PDF-p. 369   P-TMSI signature      Up   Extended EMM cause [R12]   Service type   PDF-p. 370   Short MAC   Time zone   PDF-p. 371   Time zone and time   TMSI status   Tracking area identity   Tracking area identity list   PDF-p. 372   UE network capability   PDF-p. 377   UE radio capability information update needed   PDF-p. 382      Up   UE security capability   PDF-p. 383   Emergency Number List   PDF-p. 387   CLI   SS Code   PDF-p. 388   LCS indicator   LCS client identity   Generic message container type [R9]   PDF-p. 389   Generic message container [R9]   Voice domain preference and UE's usage setting [R9]   PDF-p. 390   GUTI type [R10]      Up   Extended DRX parameters [R13]   Control plane service type [R13]   DCN-ID [R14]   PDF-p. 391   Non-3GPP NW provided policies [R14]   HashMME [R14]   Replayed NAS message container [R14]   PDF-p. 392
9.9.4   EPS Session Management (ESM) information elements

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