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6   Elementary procedures for EPS session management [R8]
6.1   Overview
6.2   IP address allocation   PDF-p. 214
6.2A   IP header compression [R13]   PDF-p. 216
6.3   General on elementary ESM procedures
6.4   Network initiated ESM procedures
6.4.1   Default EPS bearer context activation procedure
6.4.2   Dedicated EPS bearer context activation procedure   PDF-p. 225
6.4.3   EPS bearer context modification procedure
6.4.4   EPS bearer context deactivation procedure
6.5   UE requested ESM procedures   PDF-p. 237
6.5.0   General [R11]
6.5.1   UE requested PDN connectivity procedure   PDF-p. 238
6.5.2   UE requested PDN disconnect procedure
6.5.3   UE requested bearer resource allocation procedure
6.5.4   UE requested bearer resource modification procedure   PDF-p. 261
6.5.5   Handling session management request for UE configured for dual priority [R11]
6.6   Miscellaneous procedures   PDF-p. 270
6.7   Reception of an ESM STATUS message by an ESM entity   PDF-p. 276
7   Handling of unknown, unforeseen, and erroneous protocol data [R8]   PDF-p. 277

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