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5.5   EMM specific procedures
5.5.1   Attach procedure
5.5.2   Detach procedure      Up
5.5.3   Tracking area updating procedure (S1 mode only)   PDF-p. 138   General   Normal and periodic tracking area updating procedure   PDF-p. 139   Combined tracking area updating procedure   PDF-p. 164
5.5.4   eCall inactivity procedure [R14]
5.6   EMM connection management procedures (S1 mode only)   PDF-p. 176
5.6.1   Service request procedure      Up
5.6.2   Paging procedure   PDF-p. 201
5.6.3   Transport of NAS messages procedure   PDF-p. 206
5.6.4   Generic transport of NAS messages procedure [R9]
5.7   Reception of an EMM STATUS message by an EMM entity

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