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5   Elementary procedures for EPS mobility management [R8]
5.1   Overview
5.1.1   General
5.1.2   Types of EMM procedures   PDF-p. 53
5.1.3   EMM sublayer states   PDF-p. 54   General   EMM sublayer states in the UE   EPS update status   EMM sublayer states in the MME   PDF-p. 59
5.1.4   Coordination between EMM and GMM   PDF-p. 60
5.1.5   Coordination between EMM and MM   PDF-p. 61
5.2   Behaviour of the UE in state EMM-DEREGISTERED and state EMM-REGISTERED
5.3   General on elementary EMM procedures   PDF-p. 67
5.3.1   EMM modes and NAS signalling connection
5.3.2   Lists of forbidden tracking areas   PDF-p. 71
5.3.3   List of forbidden PLMNs for attach in S101 mode      Up
5.3.3a   Forbidden PLMNs for EPS services [R11]   PDF-p. 72
5.3.4   Equivalent PLMNs list
5.3.5   Handling of the periodic tracking area update timer and mobile reachable timer (S1 mode only)
5.3.6   Handling of timer T3402   PDF-p. 74
5.3.7   Handling of the Local Emergency Numbers List
5.3.7a   Specific requirements for UE configured to use timer T3245 [R10]
5.3.7b   Specific requirements for UE when receiving non-integrity protected reject messages [R13]   PDF-p. 75
5.3.8   Abnormal cases in the UE   PDF-p. 77
5.3.9   Handling of NAS level mobility management congestion control [R10]
5.3.9A   Handling of congestion control for transport of user data via the control plane [R14]   PDF-p. 78      Up
5.3.10   Access class control [R11]   PDF-p. 79
5.3.11   Power saving mode [R12]
5.3.12   Extended idle-mode DRX cycle [R13]   PDF-p. 80
5.3.13   Interaction between power saving mode and extended idle mode DRX cycle [R13]
5.3.14   Dedicated core network [R13]
5.3.15   CIoT EPS optimizations [R13]
5.3.16   Restriction on use of enhanced coverage [R14]   PDF-p. 82
5.4   EMM common procedures
5.4.1   GUTI reallocation procedure
5.4.2   Authentication procedure   PDF-p. 85
5.4.3   Security mode control procedure   PDF-p. 92
5.4.4   Identification procedure   PDF-p. 97
5.4.5   EMM information procedure   PDF-p. 99

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