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6   Communication between ICS UE and SCC AS via I1 interface [R9]
6.1   Introduction
6.2   Session control procedures
6.2.1   Session setup
6.2.2   Void
6.2.3   Session release
6.2.3A   I1 session setup when invoking mid-call supplementary service
6.2.4   Adding I1 control to existing CS session (I1 Augmentation)   PDF-p. 27
6.2.5   Service control transfer (Gm fallback to I1)   PDF-p. 28      Up
6.2.6   Assignment of single CS bearer to I1 sessions
6.3   Supplementary services control procedures   PDF-p. 35
6.3.0   Introduction
6.3.1   Line ID Services (OIP, OIR, TIP, TIR)   PDF-p. 36
6.3.2   Communication diversion services (CDIV)
6.3.4   Communication Hold (HOLD)/Resume   PDF-p. 38
6.3.5   Consultative Explicit Communication Transfer   PDF-p. 39
6.3.6   Conference calling (CONF)   PDF-p. 40
6.3.7   Communication Waiting
6.4   SCC AS and ICS UE Time Synchronization

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