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6.3   MCVideo server procedures   PDF-p. 60
6.3.1   Distinction of requests sent to the MCVideo server
6.3.2   Participating MCVideo Function   PDF-p. 62   Requests initiated by the served MCVideo user   Requests terminated to the served MCVideo user   PDF-p. 67   Processing I_MESSAGEs containing MKFC and MKFC-ID   PDF-p. 74
6.3.3   Controlling MCVideo function   PDF-p. 75   Request initiated by the controlling MCVideo function   SDP offer generation   Sending an INVITE request   Receipt of a SIP response to a SIP INVITE request   PDF-p. 76   Sending a SIP BYE request      Up   Sending a SIP re-INVITE request for MCVideo emergency group call   Sending a SIP INVITE request for MCVideo emergency group call   PDF-p. 77   Sending a SIP UPDATE request for Resource-Priority header field correction   PDF-p. 78   Generating a SIP re-INVITE request   PDF-p. 79   Generating a SIP re-INVITE request to cancel an in-progress emergency   Generating a SIP MESSAGE request for notification of in-progress emergency or imminent peril status change   PDF-p. 80   Populate mcvideo-info and location-info MIME bodies for emergency alert   Authorisations   PDF-p. 81   Generating a SIP 403 response for priority call request rejection   Sending a SIP re-INVITE request for MCVideo imminent peril group call   Handling the expiry of timer TNG2 (in-progress emergency group call timer)   PDF-p. 85   Validate priority request parameters   Sending a SIP INFO request in the dialog of a SIP request for a priority call   PDF-p. 86   Retrieving Resource-Priority header field values      Up   Generating a SIP MESSAGE request to indicate successful receipt of an emergency alert or emergency cancellation   PDF-p. 87   Requests terminated by the controlling MCVideo function   Handling of the acknowledged call setup timer (TNG1)   Generating a SIP NOTIFY request   PDF-p. 91      Up   Handling of the group call timer (TNG3)   PDF-p. 92   Generation of I_MESSAGEs containing MKFC and MKFC-ID
6.3.5   Retrieving and processing a group document   PDF-p. 94
6.3.6   Affiliation check
6.3.7   Error handling   PDF-p. 100
6.3.8   Session release policy
6.4   Implicit transmit media request
6.5   Handling of MIME bodies in a SIP message   PDF-p. 101      Up
6.6   Confidentiality and Integrity Protection
6.7   Priority sharing      Up

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