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9   Group call   PDF-p. 103
9.1   General
9.2   On-network group call
9.2.1   Prearranged group call   General   MCVideo client procedures      Up   Participating MCVideo function procedures   Controlling MCVideo function procedures   PDF-p. 117   Non-controlling function of an MCVideo group procedures   PDF-p. 134      Up
9.2.2   Chat group (restricted) call   PDF-p. 141   General   MCVideo client procedures   Participating MCVideo function procedures   PDF-p. 148   Controlling MCVideo function procedures   Non-controlling function of an MCVideo group procedures   PDF-p. 163
9.3   Off-network group call   PDF-p. 167
9.3.1   General
9.3.2   Basic call control   PDF-p. 168   General   Basic call control state machine      Up   Call Control states   PDF-p. 169   Procedures   PDF-p. 170   General      Up   Call Probe   Call setup   Periodic group call announcement   PDF-p. 175   Call release   PDF-p. 176   Merge of calls   Error handling   PDF-p. 179
9.3.3   Call type control   General   Call type control state machine   Call type control states   PDF-p. 180      Up   Procedures   General   User initiated the call probe   Received GROUP CALL ANNOUNCEMENT message as a response to GROUP CALL PROBE message   PDF-p. 182      Up   Received GROUP CALL ANNOUNCEMENT with MCVideo user acknowledgement required   PDF-p. 183   Received GROUP CALL ANNOUNCEMENT without MCVideo user acknowledgement required   PDF-p. 184   Call started   Upgrade call   PDF-p. 185   Downgrade call   PDF-p. 187   Merge of two calls   Call release after call establishment   PDF-p. 192   Call release or reject before call establishment   Error handling
9.4   Off-network Broadcast group call   PDF-p. 193

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