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12.4   MSC server enhanced for ICS [R9]   PDF-p. 177
12.4A   MSC server assisted mid-call feature [R10]
12.5   EATF [R9]   PDF-p. 187
12.6   MSC server enhanced for SRVCC using SIP interface [R9]   PDF-p. 189
12.7   Access Transfer Control Function (ATCF) [R10]   PDF-p. 198
13   Roles for media adding/deleting for access transfer [R8]   PDF-p. 222
14   Void
15   Void
16   Void
17   Void
18   Void
19   Void
20   Service continuity and MMTEL interactions [R9]   PDF-p. 224
21   Void
22   Roles for detection of remote leg information [R12]   PDF-p. 229

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