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K  (Normative)   Additional procedures in support of UE managed NAT traversal [R7]   PDF-p. 864
K.1   Scope
K.2   Application usage of SIP
K.2.1   Procedures at the UE
K.2.1.1   General      Up
K.2.1.2   Registration and authentication
K.   General
K.   Parameters contained in the ISIM
K.   Parameters provisioned to a UE without ISIM or USIM [R8]
K.   Initial registration   PDF-p. 865
K.   Initial subscription to the registration-state event package
K.   User-initiated re-registration
K.   Authentication
K.   Network initiated re-authentication [R8]
K.   Change of IPv6 address due to privacy [R8]   PDF-p. 869
K.   User-initiated deregistration      Up
K.   Network-initiated deregistration
K.2.1.3   Subscription and notification   PDF-p. 870
K.2.1.4   Generic procedures applicable to all methods excluding the REGISTER method
K.2.1.5   Maintaining flows and detecting flow failures   PDF-p. 871
K.2.1.6   Emergency services
K.2.2   Procedures at the P-CSCF
K.2.2.1   Introduction
K.2.2.2   Registration
K.2.2.3   General treatment for all dialogs and standalone transactions excluding the REGISTER method
K.   Requests initiated by the UE
K.   Requests terminated by the UE   PDF-p. 876      Up
K.2.2.4   Void
K.2.2.5   Emergency services
K.2.3   Void
K.2.4   Void
K.3   Application usage of SDP
K.4   Void
K.5   Application usage of ICE

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