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10   Roles for domain transfer of a call from the IM CN subsystem to the CS domain
A   Example signalling flows of voice call continuity between the Circuit-Switched (CS) domain and the IP Multimedia (IM) Core Network (CN) subsystem   PDF-p. 23
A.1   Scope of signalling flows
A.2   Introduction
A.3   Signalling flows for registration and exchange of mobility status information   PDF-p. 24
A.4   Signalling flows for call origination
A.5   Signalling flows for call termination   PDF-p. 52
A.6   Signalling flows for CS domain to IM CN subsystem transfer   PDF-p. 94
A.7   Signalling flows for IM CN subsystem to CS domain transfer   PDF-p. 103
B   Example of filter criteria   PDF-p. 116
C   Change history   PDF-p. 119

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