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4   Supplementary services operation specifications
4.1   General
4.2   Operation types   PDF-p. 19
4.2.1   Void
4.2.2   Operations description   PDF-p. 24   registerSS (MS → network)   eraseSS (MS → network)   activateSS (MS → network)   PDF-p. 25   deactivateSS (MS → network)   interrogateSS (MS → network)   notifySS (network → MS)      Up   registerPassword (MS → network)   getPassword (network → MS)   processUnstructuredSS-Data (MS → network)   processUnstructuredSS-Request (MS → network)   unstructuredSS-Request (network → MS)   unstructuredSS-Notify (network → MS)   forwardCheckSSIndication (network → MS)   forwardChargeAdvice (network → MS)   buildMPTY (MS → network)   PDF-p. 26   holdMPTY (MS → network)      Up   retrieveMPTY (MS → network)   splitMPTY (MS → network)   forwardCUG-Info (MS → network)   explicitCT (MS → Network)   accessRegisterCCEntry (MS → Network)   callDeflection (MS → Network)   userUserService (MS → Network, Network → MS)   lcs-LocationNotification (network → MS)   lcs-MOLR (MS → Network)   lcs-AreaEventRequest (network → MS)      Up   lcs-AreaEventReport (MS → network)   lcs-AreaEventCancellation (network → MS)   PDF-p. 27   lcs-PeriodicLocationRequest (network → MS)   lcs-LocationUpdate (network → MS)   lcs-PeriodicLocationCancellation (network → MS)   lcs-PeriodicTriggeredInvoke (network → MS)
4.3   Errors
4.4   Data types and identifiers      Up
4.4.1   General
4.4.2   ASN.1 data types   PDF-p. 31
4.4.3   Identifiers definition   PDF-p. 38   chargingInformation   e1   PDF-p. 39   e2   e3   e4   e5   e6      Up   e7   ss-Code   ss-Notification   ss-Status   callIsWaiting-Indicator   callOnhold-Indicator   mpty-Indicator   PDF-p. 40   forwardCUG-InfoArg   cug-Index   suppressPrefCUG      Up   suppressOA   clirSuppressionRejected   ect-Indicator   ect-CallState   rdn   presentationAllowedAddress   presentationRestricted   numberNotAvailableDueToInterworking   presentationRestrictedAddress   PDF-p. 41   partyNumber      Up   partyNumberSubaddress   nameIndicator   namePresentationAllowed   nameUnavailable   namePresentationRestricted   deflectedToNumber   deflectedToSubaddress   uUS-Service   uUS-Required   locationNotificationArg      Up   notificationType   locationNotificationRes   PDF-p. 42   verificationResponse   lcs-MOLRArg   molr-Type   locationMethod   gpsAssistanceData   lcs-MOLRRes   decipheringKeys   multicall-Indicator      Up   pseudonymIndicator   LCS-PeriodicLocationRequestArg   LCS-PeriodicLocationRequestRes   LCS-LocationUpdateArg   LCS-LocationUpdateRes   PDF-p. 43   LCS-PeriodicLocationCancellationArg   terminationCause   mo-lrShortCircuit   locationUpdateRequest   ganssAssistanceData      Up   positioningProtocolPDU   multiplePositioningProtocolPDUs   LCS-PeriodicTriggeredInvokeArg   LCS-PeriodicTriggeredInvokeRes   periodicLocation   areaEventReporting   areaList   area   PDF-p. 44   areaType   areaIdentification      Up   maximumInterval   samplingInterval   duration   location-Info   motionEventReporting   linearDistance
4.5   Operations and errors implementation
A   Expanded ASN.1 Module "SS-Protocol"   PDF-p. 46
B   Change history   PDF-p. 47

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