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6   Support for packet services [R3]   Word-p. 312
6.1   GPRS Session management
6.1.1   General
6.1.2   Session management states   Word-p. 313
6.1.2A   PDP address allocation [R8]   Word-p. 317
6.1.3   Session Management procedures   General [R11]   PDP context activation   Secondary PDP Context Activation Procedure   Word-p. 331   PDP context modification procedure   Word-p. 340   PDP context deactivation procedure   Word-p. 352   Void   Void   Notification procedure [R9]   Word-p. 356   Receiving a SM STATUS message by a SM entity   Protocol configuration options [R5]   Word-p. 358      Up   MBMS context activation [R6]   MBMS context deactivation [R6]   MBMS protocol configuration options [R6]   Handling of APN based congestion control [R10]   Handling of group specific session management congestion control [R13]   Word-p. 364   Handling session management request for MS configured for dual priority [R11]   Handling of network rejection not due to APN based congestion control [R12]   Word-p. 365   Handling of WLAN offload control [R12]
6.2   void [R14]
6.3   Coordination between SM and GMM for supporting ISR [R8]
6.4   MSISDN notification procedure [R8]   Word-p. 366      Up
7   Examples of structured procedures [R3]

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