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4.7   Elementary mobility management procedures for GPRS services      Up
4.7.1   General   Lower layer failure   Ciphering of messages (A/Gb mode only)   Integrity protection of layer 3 signalling messages (A/Gb mode only and when integrity protection is required) [R13]   Word-p. 135   P-TMSI signature   Word-p. 138   Radio resource sublayer address handling   P-TMSI handling   Word-p. 139   Change of network mode of operation   Intersystem change between A/Gb mode and Iu mode   Intersystem change from S1 mode to A/Gb mode or S1 mode to Iu mode with ISR activated [R10]   Word-p. 143   List of forbidden PLMNs for GPRS service   Word-p. 144   Establishment of the PS signalling connection (Iu mode only) [R8]   Release of the PS signalling connection (Iu mode only) [R7]   Word-p. 145   Handling of 3GPP PS data off [R14]
4.7.2   GPRS Mobility management timers and UMTS PS signalling connection control   Word-p. 146
4.7.3   GPRS attach procedure   Word-p. 154
4.7.4   GPRS detach procedure

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