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6.6   Architectural alternative: I1-cs Application Server approach   Word-p. 56
6.6.1   Signalling and bearer architecture for full duplex speech over CS access      Up
6.6.2   Assignment of Session Transfer Identifier   Word-p. 57
6.6.2a   Registration   Word-p. 58
6.6.2b   Video call      Up
6.6.3   Information flows      Up
6.7   Architectural alternative: I1-cs IMS Adaptor approach
6.8   Architectural alternative: L-CAAF-n approach
6.8a   Architectural alternative: Enhanced MSC Server approach
6.9   CAMEL redirection of CS call to IMS
6.9a   Deriving ICS specific IMPI/IMPU
6.10   Requirements on ICCP when using CS access   Word-p. 123
6.11   Media Handling
6.12   ICS Data Management

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