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14   Solutions for A Interface signalling and LCLS support
14.1   General
14.2   Signalling of Local Switching Capability from BSS to CN   Word-p. 148
14.3   Signalling of Local Switching Configuration from CN to BSS   Word-p. 150      Up
14.4   Signalling of the correlation of the call legs from CN to BSS   Word-p. 151
14.5   Signalling of Local Switching Status from BSS to CN   Word-p. 153
14.6   Signalling of Local Switching user plane Connection Control from CN to BSS   Word-p. 154
14.7   Signalling of Local Switching Disabled from CN to BSS   Word-p. 155
14.8   Request to Control Call Leg Correlation
15   Proposed New Control Flags, Information Elements, Messages   Word-p. 157
16   Conclusions and Recommendations   Word-p. 160
A   Impacts to Specifications   Word-p. 161
B   Change history   Word-p. 162

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