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6.3   Solution 3+5: Media anchoring in serving network with Access Transfer Control Functionality   Word-p. 25
6.3.1   Architecture Reference Model
6.3.2   Functional Entities   Word-p. 26
6.3.3   Message Flows   General principles   GERAN/UTRAN Attach procedure   Word-p. 29   E-UTRAN attach procedure   Informing the source RAN about the possibility to perform rSRVCC      Up   Codec and transport address related procedure   Word-p. 30   Establish a session over CS   CS - PS Access Transfer Overview   Word-p. 33   Access Transfer Preparation   IMS Session Continuity procedure   Word-p. 45   Identification of serving PS node   Word-p. 48
6.3.4   IMS registration Considerations   Word-p. 50
6.4   Solution 4: Session transfer by local anchoring with Indirect Forwarding   Word-p. 53
6.5   Solution 5: IMS procedure is initiated by MSC Server to ATCF   Word-p. 59
7   Assessment of the solutions   Word-p. 73
8   Conclusion   Word-p. 77
A   Mechanisms to re-enable E-UTRAN capability   Word-p. 78      Up
B   Mechanisms for GERAN/UTRAN sending Handover/Relocation Required message   Word-p. 82
C   Change history   Word-p. 83

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