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A  Open IssuesWord-p. 160
B  Summary of different high level architecture proposalsWord-p. 162
C  Summary of different MM conceptsWord-p. 169
D  More detailed descriptions of potential solutions for limiting signalling due to idle mode mobility between E-UTRA and UTRA/GSMWord-p. 171
D.1  Introduction
D.2  Potential Solutions
D.2.1  Do Nothing
D.2.2  Common Routeing Area and common SGSN
D.2.3  Common RAN / CN for E-UTRA / UTRA
D.2.4  Equivalent Routeing Areas and SGSN proxy
D.2.5  UE remains camped on the last used RAT
D.2.6  Packet Data Bearer Proxy
D.2.7  Inter RAT Resource Allocation
D.2.8  User-IP layer interconnection
D.2.9  Combined MME/SGSN
D.3  Information FlowsWord-p. 192
D.4  Potential mechanisms for context retrievalWord-p. 200Up
E  Mobility between pre-SAE/LTE 3GPP and non 3GPP access systemsWord-p. 202

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