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A   IMS based HO control Model   Word-p. 95
B   Routing Selection Decision Logic   Word-p. 105
C   Bearer optimisation for static anchoring of CS calls in IMS   Word-p. 107
D   Evaluation Criteria   Word-p. 109
E   "Call Reestablishment on Domain Transfer" for IMS-controlled static anchoring   Word-p. 111
F   Service Continuity Model: IMS Controlled Alternative-Dynamic Anchoring Extensions   Word-p. 118
F.1   ECT enabled Dynamic Anchoring
F.2   DACCI enabled Dynamic Anchoring   Word-p. 122
F.3   Dynamic Anchoring using CAMEL 4
G   UE Functions - IMS Controlled Model with static anchoring   Word-p. 149
H   Operator Deployment Scenarios   Word-p. 152
I   Change history   Word-p. 153

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