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6.3   Service Continuity Model: IMS Controlled Alternative   Word-p. 39
6.3.1   General Description
6.3.4   Origination   Word-p. 40
6.3.5   Termination
6.3.6   Call Continuity Scenarios
6.3.7   Impact on Supplementary Services
6.3.8   Call Continuity within 3GPP radio   Word-p. 57
6.3.8a   Security Impact of Handovers between the CS Domain and the IMS for IMS Controlled Method   Word-p. 58
6.3.8b   Charging Impact of Handovers Between the CS Domain and the IMS Domain for IMS Controlled Method
6.3.9   Analysis of the IMS Controlled model   Word-p. 61
6.3a   Extended VCC IMS controlled architecture   Word-p. 62
6.4   Service Continuity Model: Original Domain Control Model   Word-p. 66
6.5   HandOver Application Server for voice continuity between the IMS and CS domain
7   Security
8   Charging   Word-p. 94
9   Comparison of the Architecture Model
10   Conclusion

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