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6.5  Solution #5: RSU based on V2V/V2P Message Offload function in eNB or on S1
6.6  Solution #6: QoS handling for PC5 based message
6.7  Solution #7: New QCI values for LTE-Uu based V2X message transmission/reception
6.8  Solution #8: V2X message transmission/reception for V2I ServiceUp
6.9  Solution #9: MBMS service area mapping using MB2-C proceduresWord-p. 35
6.10  Solution #10: BM-SC based solution for MBMS service area mappingWord-p. 36
6.11  Solution #11: Local V2X server discovery using Anycast
6.12  Solution #12: V2X Server Discovery using broadcast mechanism
6.13  Solution #13: Privacy protection of UE in V2X communications
6.14  Solution #14: Path selection for Uplink V2V message transmissionWord-p. 43
6.15  Solution #15: Latency improvements for eMBMS with L.MBMS based on implementationUp
7  Conclusions
A  Enhancements to ProSe architectures for PC5 based V2XWord-p. 46
B  Road Side Unit (RSU) considerationsWord-p. 47
C  Example hybrid deployment options using LTE-Uu based architecture and PC5 based architectureWord-p. 49Up
D  Localized MBMS deployment optionsWord-p. 50
E  Change historyWord-p. 52

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