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6   Solutions   Word-p. 23
6.1   Solution 1-1: Service continuity between MBSFN areas used by different MBMS bearers
6.2   Solution 1-2: Service continuity with a UE-to-Network relay   Word-p. 25
6.3   Solution 1-3: Service continuity
6.4   Solution 2-1: MBMS bearer announcement over MBMS bearer   Word-p. 29
6.5   Solution 3-1: MBMS bearer quality detection
6.6   Solution 5-1: Enhanced MCPTT group call setup procedure with MBMS bearer
6.7   Solution 6-1: FEC for Mission Critical Services   Word-p. 35
6.8   Solution 6-2: Mission Critical Server-based FEC
6.9   Solution 7-1: Service area owning MC service server distributes media      Up
6.10   Solution 7-2: MBMS bearer management by MC service server (controlling role) with multiple MC service servers involved
6.11   Solution 8-1: GCS AS to indicate the preferred MBMS mechanism to the MCE      Up
6.12   Solution 8-2: MCE derives the MBMS mechanism with the interaction with the eNB and the UE
6.13   Solution 9-1: Notification of MBMS bearer activation result      Up
6.14   Solution 10-1: Header compression of MBMS data
6.15   Solution 10-2: header compression function within the BM-SC

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