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5.4   Group management
5.5   Call control/Signalling
5.5.1   Off-network
5.5.2   On-network   Solution 5-2-1: MCPTT group call resources allocation (alternative #1)      Up   Solution 5-2-2: MCPTT group call resources allocation (alternative #2)   Solution 5-2-3: Solution for on-network pre-arranged group call set up      Up   Solution 5-2-4: Solution for on-network late call entry   Solution 5-2-5: Chat group call with implicit affiliation      Up   Solution 5-2-6: MCPTT group call MBMS resources allocation   Solution 5-2-7: Associating an MCPTT group call with a multicast bearer      Up   Solution 5-2-8: group call procedures based on solution 2-4   Solution 5-2-9: pre-established session

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