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5.2   On-network operations   Word-p. 38
5.2.1   Solution 2-1: IMS based architecture for MCPTT applications   Functional description   Overall architecture   Functionalities and capabilities already provided by existing technologies   Word-p. 41   Overview of reference points   Reference Points Mapping   Word-p. 43   New Functional Entities   Word-p. 46   Procedures   Impact on existing entities and interfaces   Word-p. 54   Solution evaluation
5.2.2   Solution 2-2: NGCN-based architecture   Word-p. 55
5.2.3   Solution 2-3: Generic high level architecture for MCPTT within a public safety ecosystem with user-based services application sublayer      Up
5.2.4   Solution 2-4: Application domain routing over non-trusted SIP core
5.3   UE-to-network relay

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