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6.1   Solution #1: UE mobility to 2G/3G and ISR
6.2   Solution #2: Handling Paging Priority
6.3   Solution #3: Handling of MT CSFB/SMS
6.4   Solution #4: No support of eDRX and PSM, with Light Connection
6.5   Solution #5: No support for S1 context fetch
6.6   Solution #6: Handling of NAS messages at inter eNB handover
6.7   Solution #7: Successful intra-LTE Light Connected mobility handling at CN
6.8   Solution #8: RAN needs to ensure that the negotiated NAS DRX is respected
6.9   Solution #9: Triggers for UE NAS recovery
6.10   Solution #10: CN assistance for Light Connection
6.11   Solution #11: Impacts on location information and age of location
6.12   Solution #12: RAN choice put the UE in Light RRC Connected state based on local policy
6.13   Solution #13: UE reachability handling
6.14   Solution #14: MME load balancing
6.15   Solution #15: Background scan for higher priority PLMNs   Word-p. 29
6.16   Solution #16: Co-existence with User Plane CIOT EPS Optimisation
6.17   Solution #17: Support for UE Context transfer via S1
6.18   Solution #18: RAN Paging relay via S1
6.19   Solution #19: RAN notifies the CN about the RRC state transitions of the UE   Word-p. 34
6.x   Solution #x: <Solution Title>
7   Overall Evaluation   Word-p. 35
8   Conclusions
A   References to documents used for SA WG2's initial analysis   Word-p. 36
X   Change history   Word-p. 37

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