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5  List of Issues
5.1  Issue #1: RAN paging failure, potential CN impactWord-p. 8
5.2  Issue #2: UE mobility to 2G/3G and ISR
5.3  Issue #3: Potential CN impact for extended out of coverage: implicit detach, etc.
5.4a  Issue #4a: Handling of Paging Priority indication for MT CS/PS for Light ConnectionUp
5.4b  Issue #4b: Handling of Paging Policy Differentiation for MT PS for Light ConnectionWord-p. 9
5.4c  Issue #4c: Handling of Paging Priority/Policy Differentiation for MT NAS for Light Connection
5.6  Issue #6: UE Reachability
5.7  Issue #7: Handling of MT CSFB/SMS
5.8  Issue #8: HSS impact, potential need for subscription informationWord-p. 10
5.9  Issue #9: Support of eDRX and PSM
5.10  Issue #10: X2 not available, potential need for S1 context fetch
5.11  Issue #11: Handling of NAS messages at inter eNB handover
5.12  Issue #12: CN impacts of successful intra-LTE Light Connected mobilityWord-p. 11
5.13  Issue #13: MME load re-balancingUp
5.14  Issue #14: How RAN can ensure that the negotiated NAS DRX is respected
5.15  Issue #15: Mismatch of states: UE in CONNECTED LC and NW in IDLE
5.16  Issue #16: How to address mismatch of UE and Network states (UE in ECM-IDLE, CN considers the UE in ECM-CONNECTED)
5.17  Issue #17: PLMN selection in Light-Connected stateWord-p. 12
5.19  Issue #19: How to ensure a RAN paging area across TAs and how to ensure same S-GW is used
5.20  Issue #20: RAN paging reliability
5.21  Issue #21: UE Location accuracy and age of location
5.22  Issue #22: UE and network behaviours when moving in LC to a cell for which the eNB does not support LCWord-p. 13
5.23  Issue #23: How to provide CN assistance to RAN for Light RRC Connection activation
5.24  Issue #24: MME needs to provide IMSI mod x to eNB to use for RAN pagingUp
5.25  Issue #25: How HSS can retrieve the UE's cell ID and 'age of location information' with the Insert Subscriber Data
5.26  Issue #26 Excess Signalling and UE power consumption due to frequent UE mobility across RAN based paging area bordersWord-p. 14
5.27  Issue #27: Access Control in Light Connected State
5.28  Issue #28: Impact on MT SMS in MME delivery
5.29  Issue #29: Impact of multi-RAT charging data collection in Dual connectivity casesWord-p. 15
5.30  Issue #30: Inactivity detection in dual connectivity SCG configurationsWord-p. 16
5.31  Issue #31: Paging in dual connectivity Secondary Cell Group configurationsWord-p. 17
5.32  Issue #32: Migration aspects
5.x  Issue #x (new)Word-p. 18

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