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6.8   Solution 8: Cell based paging area update for efficient paging area management
6.9   Solution 9: UE provided indication for selection of CIoT-EPC DCN or EPC DCN      Up
6.10   Solution 10: Support for "non IP" PDN types   Word-p. 56
6.11   Solution 11: SMS over PS without combined attach and default PDN connection
6.12   Solution 12: Solution on simplification of MM and SM procedures
6.13   Solution 13: RRC FastConnect for Service Request      Up
6.14   Solution 14: Setup of CIoT PDN connection with minimum NAS
6.15   Solution 15: Support for "non IP" small data by UDP/IP encapsulation over SGi
6.16   Solution 16: Optimised SMS over PS without combined attach and default PDN connection      Up
6.17   Solution 17: Optimized SMS relay for CIoT   Word-p. 76
6.18   Solution 18: User plane based solution with AS information stored in RAN
6.19   Solution 19: Header compression at C-SGN
7   Overall Evaluation
8   Conclusions
A   Change history   Word-p. 94

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