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6   Solutions
6.1   Solution 1: Lightweight CN architecture for CIoT
6.2   Solution 2: Infrequent small data transmission using pre-established NAS security
6.3   Solution 3: Connectionless small data transmission with immediate return to idle      Up
6.4   Solution 4: Non-IP small data transmission via MTC-IWF
6.4a   Solution 4a: non-IP small data transmission via SCEF   Word-p. 32
6.4b   Solution 4b: Non-IP small data transmission via SCEF with minimized load to HSS
6.5   Solution 5: UE state transition signalling reduction   Word-p. 36
6.6   Solution 6: User plane based solution with enhanced ECM-CONNECTED state
6.7   Solution 7: Paging for static and dynamic coverage enhancement (CE) level   Word-p. 51

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